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[image position=”left” title=”hotel Facilities management for hotels” alt=”Facilities management for hotels” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”4″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/air-conditioning-hotel-2.jpg” width=”350″ height=”235″/][paragraph][dropcap1]Air[/dropcap1][/paragraph] conditioning for hotels and gyms in the United Kingdom has become an essential part of ensuring guests have a comfortable experience. At Air Intelligence, we understand the complex facilities management requirements that are unique to the hospitality industry.

Use of hotel facilities management has made massive improvements in recent years and is now one of the most efficient means of heating and cooling these buildings. Specifying very efficient facilities management systems within hotels needs to consider the additional redundancy required for high season, but also operate extremely efficiently during periods of low demand. That said, over estimating the redundancy needed for high season will unnecessarily drive up installation costs, so a balance needs to be struck.

This is where we can help, right from heat load estimation to design and selection of equipment, laying them out, testing and commissioning, it is done in the right way meeting the highest standards in the industry.

[pullQuote position=”right”]Design considerations: High efficiency, Roof space, Occupancy variations, Individual, room control, Quite operation, Air flow, Odour control, Ease of maintenance, Condensate drainage[/pullQuote]

Different parts of hotels will have different facilities management requirements. We know that guest’s requirements for heating and cooling can vary enormously, especially if they have just arrived from overseas. Your public areas such as receptions, bars and restaurants need different facilities management to your gyms, spas and treatment rooms. Added to this, more and more hotels offer conferencing facilities where facilities management is now the expected norm.

Facilities Management Hotel Bedrooms (1-40 room hotels):

Traffic noise or security concerns may mean bedroom windows are kept shut, so facilities management is essential to provide a comfortable room environment. The key facilities management requirements for hotel rooms is individual temperature and humidity control, quiet operation and now more commonly, odour filtration.

Facilities management in hotels with a small number of rooms is usually best achieved using low-cost ‘wall split systems’. In these systems one external ‘condensing’ unit that pipes cooled or heated refrigerant to between 1-3 indoor ‘air handling’ units. The indoor unit will have individual controls that are either wall mounted and/or infra-red remote controlled, and can provide simple or complex cooling and heating operations depending on requirements. They can also come with enzyme and photocatalytic filters to clean the air.

At Air Intelligence we offer outstanding value on a wide range of units from a number of quality manufacturers such as Daikin, Toshiba, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Fujitsu and others.

Facilities Management Hotel Bedrooms (with greater than 30 rooms):

Facilities management within larger hotels is usually more efficient with VRF systems, where up to 50 indoor air handling units can be connected to one external condensing unit. Each hotel room can be individually controlled, and can be turned off if the room is unoccupied.

[image position=”left” title=”Facilities management hotel Gyms” alt=”Facilities management hotel Gyms” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”10″  url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/air-c0nditioning-gyms.png” width=”500″ height=”227″/]Since facilities management demand can vary significantly during peak and low season (or even weekdays and weekends), we usually always recommend having external condensing units with ‘variable speed compressors’ or ‘multiple compressors’. With these, significant energy savings can be achieve whilst the hotel facilities management system operates in low season, but in periods of high demand, more the compressors automatically speed up (or more compressors switch on) thus providing increased cooling/heating capacity.

With VRF facilities management condensing units are usually located on the roof, but other options will exist depending on the building and planning requirements. There are also a large number of options for the indoor air handling units.

We can also link in PC Windows based control systems to ensure energy is not wasted in unoccupied rooms and set-back and group control can be changed easily. Key card switches can also be integrated into the room unit control function, in order to save energy.

Hotel Facilities Management of Public Areas (Gyms, Spas, Bars, Restaurants & Receptions)

Since bars, night-clubs and restaurants are lightly to have more clientele during hot weather, these combined heat sources make facilities management often essential. This is also true for the gym and fitness centre, that also have the added requirement for odour control in changing rooms. A large number of low cost options exist to provide heating and cooling to these area.

Facilities Management Hotel Meeting and Conference Rooms

This is a regular source of revenue for hotels and a growing requirement for developing businesses to have meetings away from their office premises. Since companies are paying for these services, business guest are often even more discerning than your usual guests and they have certain expectations based on previous experiences.

[image position=”right” title=”hotel facilities management spas” alt=”hotel facilities management heath club” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”10″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/air-conditioning-spas.png” width=”300″ height=”306″/]Facilities management within meeting rooms is essential as these rooms often have a large number of people in a confined space for prolonged periods and usually need windows closed to prevent traffic and aircraft noise. They often have extra heat generated from increased lighting and projector equipment. Food is often served in these rooms, so adequate odour control needs to be considered.

Smaller meeting rooms with less than 8 people can usually be air conditioned with a small wall-split systems or floor mounted units.  Larger rooms would require cassette or ducted systems, depending on their size and the type of construction.

Whatever the size your hotel, gym or spa our design staff can help you find a low cost and efficient facilities management system. We will also assist with the selection and layout of systems, the routing of pipe work and drainage.

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