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[image position=”left” title=”commercial heating and ventilation” alt=”commercial heating factory ventilation” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”4″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/factory-ventilation.jpg” width=”408″ height=”269″/][paragraph][dropcap1]C[/dropcap1][/paragraph]ommercial heating and ventilation systems are as much a feature in industrial factories and warehouses as they are in office buildings. It is becoming increasingly common in factories and industrial areas especially when large amounts of heat, dust or dirt are  produced.

For every type of commercial building, however large or small, Air Intelligence offers reliable air handling and commercial heating solutions to suit all requirements.

Commercial Heating Systems

Air Intelligence has years of experience with most major types of boilers within all types of commercial buildings, including:

[ul style=”1″] [li]Boilers and multi-boilers (gas, oil, LPG, wood, etc…)[/li] [li]Heating controls and sensors [/li] [li]Valve and pump (including shunt pumps) [/li] [li]Forced-draft and warm facilities management systems [/li] [li]Hot water systems [/li] [/ul]


We know that reliability and running costs are the most important factors in commercial heating systems. That’s why our experienced design team will find the right system for your organisation and offer the best solutions for your complete air comfort.

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Forced-draft or “Warm Air Heating” Commercial Heating Systems

This type of commercial heating is usually the most cost effective means of heating large commercial spaces. Air is heated via a boiler or heat exchanger and circulated throughout the building through specially designed vents. This method is far more cost-effective for the larger organisation than traditional radiators and boilers.

[ul style=”3″] [li]Heat is circulated instantly and is therefore easier to control.[/li] [li]Warm-air heating produces a drier heat that removes moisture in the air [/li] [li] Particularly well suited for organisations with large amounts of computer equipment. [/li] [/ul]


Wet Heating Commercial Heating Systems

Some commercial building may not suite warm air heating, particularly if they have one large open space with high ceilings and little insulation. In such cases, wet heating systems may be more cost effective and economical to run.

Wet heating systems operate in a similar manner to most domestic heating systems. Water is heated via a boiler and pumped through a sealed radiator system to heat rooms.

Large Open Space Heating

Very large buildings such as factories, exhibition halls, leisure centres, museums and galleries and other open plan buildings require carefully designed heating installations.  and  these can include Powermatic space heating equipment for which we are now approved service and installation agents for UK South.

Under Floor Heating

With huge advances in heat pump technology, underfloor heating is becoming a much more popular way to heat newly built commercial buildings. It is cheaper to install underfloor heating than traditional wet heating systems. This efficient heating system involves feeding heated water through under floor pipes to distribute heat evenly into each room.
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Fire Tube Commercial Boilers:

A fire-tube boiler is composed of a housing containing the entire boiler’s apparatus. Within this housing are a series of pipes threaded through a holding tank. Beneath the pipes and holding tank is the burner apparatus, which is powered by natural gas, oil or wood chips. When the burner is lit, air is heated. The heated air passes through the closed system of pipes again and again, passing its heat to the surrounding water. As the water boils, the steam passes through a separate network of pipes to heat the house, passing under floorboards and into radiators where the heat is given off. The steam condenses upon cooling and returns to the boiler, where it’s heated again. This type of boiler is very energy efficient in its working, but since it is a closed system, the pressure under which the system works must be monitored closely. As more steam is created, it causes the pressure within the pipes to build. If the pressure goes to high, the pipes can rupture.

Water-tube Commercial Boilers

The water-tube boiler is a reversal of the fire-tube concept, though it’s not found so commonly. Essentially, the shell contains a series of pipes through which water flows in a closed circuit. Around these pipes is a chamber where the heated air stays, continuously replenished by the burners. The pipes heat up and the water they contain slowly turns to steam. The steam rises up to the top of the pipes (they’re vertically aligned), where it passes through the same network of under floor heating pipes and radiators that a fire-tube boiler has. Though the pressure in these boilers is not as great, the continuously flowing water tubes are capable of creating a greater volume of steam than their fire-tube counterparts, meaning they’re ideal for large buildings and commercial structures.
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Commercial ventilation to remove factory fumes and odours

We install commercial ventilation systems in factories and industrial buildings to efficiently remove fumes and odours. Units that maintain negative air pressure can also be used to prevent dirty air circulating around the building.

Commercial ventilation to match factory heat loads

Machinery and equipment in many factories produce considerable amounts of heat during the production process. Our commercial heating and ventilation specifications take this into account when calculating the efficient air handling solution for your factory. Our project managers will work with you to calculate exactly what is needed from your new or replacement system. We will ensure the unit has the capacity to match the heat load produced in your business.

Ventilation for Demanding factory environments

Industrial and factory environments place a heavy demand on ventilation systems. So maintenance access to controls, safety devices, the need to change or clean filters are important considerations in the design of your systems.

As part of our site assessment, our experienced designers will help your decide the best solution for your factory. Since industrial environments can seriously reduce the running life of cheaper brands, we always recommend quality units with advanced controls that indicate when the indoor filters require changing and safety device activation that prevents major damage to equipment.  Good brands include Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin and all come with the relevant features recommended for commercial ventilation.

Ventilation for optimum staff productivity

[image position=”right” title=”Factory ventilation systems” alt=”commercial heating systems” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”4″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/air-conditioning-factory.png” width=”200″ height=”150″/]Ventilation creates a healthy production environment that transforms morale and productivity, leading to rapid pay back on your investment. A productive workforce is essential to the success of any production or storage business. Clean air at the right temperature and humidity raises morale and reduces accidents, mistakes and absenteeism. Ideal factory and warehouse environments are between 18 to 21°C and humidity of 40% to 60%.  Failure to keep within these ranges may affect productivity of staff as well as potentially damaging equipment, stocks of raw materials or finished goods.

We have a wealth of experience providing cost effective and efficient ventilation & HVAC solutions. From small business units, large factories and warehouses, production facilities of all kinds,  Air Intelligence can provide the latest air handling technology best suited to your building’s requirements.

Call us today and ask for some options and a quote for commercial heating or commercial ventilation within your business.