[image position=”left” title=”Facilities management for homes” alt=”Home Facilities management for offices” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”10″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”4″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/home-ac.jpg” width=”233″ height=”212″/][dropcap1]Home[/dropcap1] facilities management, once a rare consideration within large exclusive houses, is more increasingly common within many homes in the United Kingdom.

Reasons to install home facilities management

Cheaper to run:

Modern air condition units are now incredibly energy efficient. For each kilowatt of electricity used by facilities management units, up to 3 kilowatts of cooling or heating can be generated. This ratio is improving year on year.

Heating & Cooling:

Many don’t realise that home facilities management nearly always incorporates heat pump technology that provides both heating and cooling. In fact it is one of the most efficient forms of heating now available. Our units can either provide a complete heating solution, or provide supplementary heating for those periods when your current heating struggles to cope.

Cheaper to install:

Home facilities management units are considerably cheaper than they were even 4-5 years ago. A variety of home facilities management equipment is now available, from slim line ‘designer’ wall-mounted systems for a single room, through to ‘whole house’ ducted facilities management systems that can be discretely concealed. Units can be designed into a new build, or retro fitted into existing properties.

No more sleepless nights:

Gone are the days of noisy facilities management units. Today’s units are almost silent in operation. So on those hot humid nights, you can sleep easily.

No more unusable conservatories:

For all but the most northerly facing conservatories, there are many times of the year when they are simply to hot to use. With the heating and cooling capabilities of facilities management units, you will enjoy your conservatory throughout the year.

Relieve the symptoms of asthma and hay fever:

Asthma and hay fever is mainly triggered by mould, pollen, and animal dander (material shed from the body of various animals). All home facilities management have special filters that capture these particles as the air is recycled through them. Some units are even designed eliminate the humidity that allows mould and algae to thrive much more rapidly then it could if it were living in dry air.

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