[image position=”left” title=”Facilities management maintenance” alt=”Facilities management maintenance” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/aircon-maintenance.png” width=”230″ height=”153″/]At Air Intelligence we offer a comprehensive planned maintenance programme for your facilities management installation.
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The installation of your facilities management system is a major investment.  Naturally you will want to protect your investment by both prolonging the life of your system and ensuring that the facilities management units are running efficiently and economically.

At Air Intelligence we offer comprehensive preventative maintenance programmes for all facilities management installations – large or small.  The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to reduce the possibility of equipment failure before it actually occurs.

Why our facilities management maintenance programmes are different:

[ul style=”3″] [li]We don’t tie you in, so if you don’t like our work – just ask us to stop. and we don’t charge mileage when you call us out.[/li] [li]We don’t ask for any up front payments.[/li] [li]We ensure all appropriate records are kept so that you meet your statutory obligations. [/li] [li]We provide all the proper paperwork – risk assessment, permit to work, method statement and insurance details (attached).[/li] [li]We don’t charge for cleaning chemicals and we don’t charge mileage when you call us out.[/li] [li]Your existing equipment warranties will not be affected by changing to us. [/li] [li]Priority scheduling of service or repair calls. [/li] [/ul]


Please call to arrange  a free quote. Our facilities management Planned Maintenance Programmes have the following benefits:

Typically most facilities management installations would require one (if less than 3kg refrigerant) or two services per year (if less than 30kg of refrigerant). Installations with more than 300kg of refrigerant or more critical areas such as computer rooms may more frequent service intervals.


All facilities management systems contain refrigerant gas. Low gas levels can cause expensive damage to major components of your facilities management system. Since all facilities management gases are ‘controlled substances’ leakages can also be a major environmental hazard.

All facilities management installations have pipe runs and joins that may be prone to leaking, particularly in older systems where welded fitting may not have been used. As part of a maintenance contract, we will find the leak, fix it and refill the systems with the correct gas.