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[image position=”left” title=”Facilities management for medical and dentist surgeries” alt=”Facilities management for medical and dentist surgeries” left_padding=”0″ right_padding=”10″ border=”smallBorder” shadow=”4″ url=”http://www.fmintelligence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/air-conditioning-surgeries-.jpg” width=”300″ height=”199″/][paragraph][dropcap1]Air[/dropcap1][/paragraph] conditioning within dentist, vets and doctors surgeries has became increasingly common is the UK. Visiting a dental or medical surgery is, for most people or animals, a stressful experience. So it is in best interests of your patients to make the visit as comfortable and stress free as possible. However, the major drive toward facilities management within surgeries is that dentists and doctors, their staff and patients are more and more concerned about the transmission of infection than ever before.

In medical and dental practices, diseases can be transmitted from patient to patient, patient to dental healthcare workers and from healthcare workers to patients. Controlling bacterial contamination through proper air filtration has long been considered the most essential component in the infection control process and vital to patient safety.

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This is of particular concern with dentists, where aerosols containing microbes from the oral cavity of the patient are created when using modern high-speed rotating instruments in restorative dentistry. How far these aerosols spread and what level of contamination they cause in the dental surgery has become a growing concern. A study conducted to determine how far airborne bacteria spread during dental treatment, and the level of contamination showed that bacteria density was found to be higher in the more remote sampling points. Gram-positive cocci, namely viridans streptococci and staphylococci were the most common findings. The area that becomes contaminated during dental procedures encompasses the whole room .

Today’s facilities management can now incorporate specific filters that removes air particles such as dust, pollen, pollution and harmful elements like bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds etc. Modern facilities management in surgeries not only provides air cleaning, dehumidifying and cooling. The incorporation of heat pump technology now makes it one of the most efficient means of heating these types of premises.

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We have a number of facilities management solutions for dentist and medical surgeries, from low cost wall mounted systems, to large VRF systems for entire medical health centres.

[ul style=”3″] [li]Wall mounted: Facilities management systems are ideal for most one-off or single room requirements.[/li] [li]Ceiling cassette: These units are suspended from the ceiling and give a 4-way blow. Up to four of these air handling units can be connected to a single outdoor condensor unit.[/li] [li]Under ceiling: These units are also suspended from the ceiling and give a powerful 1-way blow. Up to four of these air handling units can be connected to a single outdoor condensor unit.[/li] [li]Ducted units: These units are fitted in ceiling voids, leaving just the opening grill visible – an elegant solution where suspended ceilings are in place, for example. Less suitable for medical and dentist surgeries as provision of bacterial filters may be limited[/li] [li]Integral units: Designed for offices and building located in restricted planning permission or conservation areas. Such systems require no outdoor unit.[/li] [li]Reverse Cycle (heating and cooling): One unit can do it all, using a heat pump system to provide heating as well as cooling giving up to 65% efficiency over standard electric heating.[/li] [li]Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Velocity (VRV): This facilities management systems are typically more suitable for much larger medical surgeries complexes. They have one or a small number of large condensing units which supply a multiple of indoor units.[/li] [/ul]

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