NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors


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We specialise in providing expert electrical services to commercial and industrial sectors. This includes supply, install, test, commission and maintain services for our customers.

If you have an office building, warehouse, restaurant or other commercial premises, talk to us about your electrical requirements or energy saving improvements.


[ul style=”3″] [li]Commercial & Industrial Work[/li] [li]Fire Alarms[/li] [li]Emergency Lighting[/li] [li]PAT Testing[/li] [li]Burglar Alarms[/li] [li]Security Lighting & CCTV[/li] [li]Data & Network Installations[/li][/ul] [ul style=”3″][li]Rewiring Services[/li] [li]Three Phase & Single Phase Installations[/li] [li]Industrial Control Systems[/li] [li]Heat & Ventilation Control[/li] [li]Lighting Design Control[/li] [li]Low Energy Lighting Systems[/li] [/ul]


[image position=”right” title=”facilities management installation price promise” alt=”facilities management installation price promise” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ url=”” width=”100″ height=”100″/]Right from the initial concept and system design stage, our experienced staff will assess your needs and formulate an installation plan to ensure that work is completed on time, within budget.

We are NIC EIC approved contractors ensuring all work undertaken is certificated to current regulations, meaning our customers have complete peace of mind, long after we have left site.

[paragraph][dropcap1]Price Promise* [/dropcap1][/paragraph] We are so confident about our prices, we will endeavour to match any like for like quotation you receive.

[image position=”right” title=”facilities management installation quote” alt=”facilities management quote” left_padding=”10″ right_padding=”10″ link=”” target=”_parent” url=”” width=”120″ height=”93″/][paragraph][dropcap1]Free Quotes[/dropcap1][/paragraph] Our site visit and quotation is completely free with no obligation. Our quotation will be prompt, simple and jargon free.